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cordelia A lot of guys think that they have the sex game figured out. After all, after we graduate college, we think that we have been with enough women, and have experienced enough sex positions and sexual situations that we pretty have everything that we need to know about sex. Well, if you’re like most guys, you have it absolutely wrong. The truth is most people really cannot know enough about sex. You have to remember that sex is actually one of the most complicated and profound human experiences. Most people think that sex is just a physical act where some part goes into another part. That’s absolutely wrong. Talk about thinking in very, very shallow terms. That’s as shallow as you can get.

In truth, sex can be a gateway to higher states of consciousness, and even spiritual awareness. This is really mind blowing stuff. This is why thousands of years of serious philosophical and religious literature is devoted to how sex, spirituality, and heightened emotional consciousness are all tied together. These are all interconnected, and if you are serious about taking your sex game to the next level, you need to develop adult friends.

Fuck friends are friends who are down to have even anal sex with you. thanks to, these types of friends are much easier to cultivate. If you’re on the same page as these types of friends, and you’re looking for the best sex, get them turned on to higher consciousness sex like Tantra.

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